Preserving the architectonic legacy of Pier Luigi Nervi

Scattered between his Italian homeland, Europe, the US and Australia, the grand legacy of the buildings imagined and created by Pier Luigi Nervi is symbolic of the excellence of technique and the art of construction and is also emblematic of the complexity involved in the conservation, restoration and re-use of the great works of structural engineering architecture.

The reasons are not solely connected with a reduction or loss of physical integrity and serviceability (an issue of material and technical fragility) but also, and sometimes prevalently, with technological change, economic demand and market constraints and the growth and modification of social and cultural climate.

The exhibition  “Pier Luigi Nervi: Architecture as Challenge” is therefore an opportunity to refocus attention on some of Nervi’s key works and the particularities of their building systems not only for public acclaim  but to create the necessary thrust for their protection.

The research our association carries out will shape the criteria for selection of those buildings to be maintained at all costs, particularly in view of the suggestion to list some of Nervi’s buildings  as Unesco World Heritage sites – a testament to the valuable role of Italian engineering worldwide.

Pier Luigi Nervi Project  has a scientific board of advisors who can provide advice for architects and clients carrying out projects that  restore or update Nervi’s works. These advisors are linked to Docomomo International, a non-profit organization for the conservation and documentation of the Modern Movement’s architectural heritage.

Docomomo is a recognized partner of Unesco.

The Salt Warehouse in Tortona, one of Pier Luigi Nervi’s structures waiting for  restoration and re-use
Photo Eva Gatti

The Tobacco Warehouse in Bologna
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