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Dear Friends,

In the past twelve years,  the Pier Luigi Nervi Project has achieved amazing results, of which we are extremely proud.

So far, the exhibition Pier Luigi Nervi Architecture as Challenge has been seen by almost 200,000 visitors along its international itinerary from Brussels to Salerno, giving the occasion to diverse academic meetings alongside the different venues.

We have also enabled the publishing of two major works about Pier Luigi Nervi’s life and careerthe catalogue to the travelling exhibition, published in English, French and Italian, and the publication about Pier Luigi Nervi’s industrial patronage and his multifaceted relationship with the Italian Architectural scene, which was published on the occasion of the exhibition visiting Turin.

Moreover, we have raised the funding for a documentary about Nervi’s teaching activities, soon to be available on this website, and financed photographer Mario Carrieri’s extraordinary campaign of shooting Pier Luigi Nervi’s work around the world. Add to that an ambitious program of partnerships and research programs  in cooperation with cultural and academic institutions and you have an organization that has made a significant and distinguished mark on the research on Pier Luigi Nervi in a relatively short time.

We could not have come this far without the generous funding provided by our sponsors and public support and we thank them all again for their unfailing generosity. I consider their prestigious patronage a significant tribute to the memory of my grandfather.

But now we need your help. To carry on with our numerous activities and upcoming projects we require the support of each of you. I hope you will take this opportunity to make a special gift to the Pier Luigi Nervi Project’s Annual Fund. Your gift will recognize our achievements and support our ongoing programs.

This means you will directly help us to:

  • Promote and organise the international tour of the exhibition Pier Luigi Nervi Architecture as Challenge
  • Coordinate and run the ongoing research program about Pier Luigi Nervi and the related workshops and seminars
  • Foster other publications and exhibitions about Pier Luigi Nervi’s oeuvre
  • Protect and preserve Pier Luigi Nervi’s Architectural Heritage all over the world

We will keep you updated about our different activities here on this website.

Pier Luigi Nervi Project Annual Fund
Rue de Vrière, 9
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Feel free to contact myself at or Elisabetta Margiotta Nervi, Secretary General, at with any questions.

We would be glad if you choose to become a member, check out the different possible membership opportunities.


Thank you in advance for your contribution to the Annual Fund.


Marco Nervi
Pier Luigi Nervi Project