Pier Luigi Nervi

Who is Pier Luigi Nervi?

An outstanding author of structural architectures, Pier Luigi Nervi (Sondrio, June 21st 1891 – Rome, January 9th 1979) continued a line of research initially developed by pioneers engineers like François Hennebique and subsequently, among others, Robert Maillart in Switzerland. Like his predecessors, Nervi was both designer and constructor, and he blended the art and science of building using reinforced concrete.

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Our organisation

What we do

Founded twelve years ago, the Pier Luigi Nervi Project Association is a non-profit organisation contributing to a renewal of study and knowledge about the life and work of the Italian engineer and architect Pier Luigi Nervi.

Headed by Marco, one of the grandchildren of Pier Luigi Nervi, the association has been engaged in coordinating the scientific research and financial support that allowed the birth and development of the international traveling exhibition “Pier Luigi Nervi Architecture as Challenge“.

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Pier Luigi Nervi – Architettura come Sfida. In mostra a Firenze dal 25 gennaio

Let beauty prevail!

The Municipal Stadium In Florence, Pier Luigi Nervi’s First Masterpiece, no longer faces demolition