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Scattered between his Italian homeland, Europe, the US and Australia, the grand legacy of the buildings imagined and created by Pier Luigi Nervi is symbolic of the excellence of technique and the art of construction. It is also emblematic of the complexity involved in the conservation, restoration and re-use of the great works of structural engineering architecture.

Today, many of Pier Luigi Nervi’s masterpieces are in danger. The reasons are not solely connected with a reduction or loss of physical integrity and serviceability (an issue of material and technical fragility) but also, and sometimes prevalently, with technological change, economic demand and market constraints, associated with the growth and modification of social and cultural climate.

The PLN Project Foundation is committed to the preservation of this important part of the Modern Architectural Heritage and is actively working to prevent demolition and irremediable alteration of some of the most significant works by Pier Luigi Nervi.

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