Laboratorio Nervi – Politecnico di Milano, Lecco Campus

In 2017 the PLN Project has donated to the Politecnico di Milano all its exhibition materials for the creation of the “Laboratorio Nervi” in its new Lecco campus.
This donation is to be the starting point for the development of a centre for study and analysis on the great issues of knowledge and conservation as well as restoration and valorisation of the twentieth century architecture.

In 2018, the  Laboratorio Nervi hosted its first Summer School to explore all these themes focusing on the critical, structural and  technological aspects, within the framework of the European year of cultural heritage.

In 2019 the Laboratorio Nervi Summer School was centered on the Mincio swimming pool in Milan, considering the revalorisation process of this small gem by Pier Luigi Nervi.

In 2021, PLN Project and other 12 partners led by the Politecnico di Milano have initiated the EU funded cooperation partnership REcube. The REgenerate workshops, part of the project’s activities, will be held within the setting of the Laboratorio Nervi.