Reflecting on 2023: A year of engagement and progress

Bruxelles, 21 December 2023

Dear Friends,

As we approach the end of another remarkable year, the PLN Project Foundation extends warm season’s greetings to our valued members, collaborators and friends.
It has been an incredible journey and we are grateful for your continued support in advancing the study and appreciation of the legendary Italian designer and master builder Pier Luigi Nervi.

Reflecting on 2023: A year of engagement and progress

This year has marked significant milestones for The PLN Project Foundation.
Through our unwavering commitment to preserving and promoting the legacy of Pier Luigi Nervi, we achieved several commendable achievements:

  • Educational programmes: The PLN Project Foundation continued to promote learning and appreciation of Nervi’s work through educational initiatives. We continued our involvement in the REcube higher education partnership, funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme. This initiative introduces students from 11 partner universities to the complex, but passionate and sustainable approach of modern heritage regeneration.
  • Conservation efforts: In 2023, we continued our commitment to preserving some of Pier Luigi Nervi’s most iconic buildings from irreversible change. In particular, we we addressed the renovation of the Artemio Franchi stadium, which will unfortunately soon be lost to a destructive redevelopment project. We also focused on the much-needed and long-overdue restoration of two of Nervi’s iconic buildings: the Palazzo del Lavoro in Turin and the Stadio Flaminio in Rome.
  • Positive examples: Not all news is negative. We would like to highlight two positive examples of the regeneration of some of Pier Luigi Nervi’s most visionary projects. The first is the Torino Esposizioni building in Turin, which is currently being transformed into the City Library, with the support of the conservation plan developed by the Politecnico di Torino and our organisation. This project was supported by the Getty Foundation’s Keeping it Modern grant. The second is the Palazzetto dello Sport, which has been restored to its original splendour thanks to the restoration work carried out by the Municipality of Rome.
  • Community engagement: Our vibrant community of supporters has played a critical role in the Foundation’s success. Through events, exhibitions and online platforms, we connected with people passionate about architecture and design, creating a shared space for dialogue and celebration.

Coming up in 2024: A year of innovation and growth

Looking ahead to 2024, The PLN Project Foundation is excited to embark on new initiatives and projects. We have plans for expanded research efforts, compelling exhibitions and innovative collaborations that will further enhance the legacy of Pier Luigi Nervi.
We plan to animate the Laboratorio Nervi on the Lecco campus of the Politecnico di Milano with educational activities for schools, and foresee the launch of an ambitious educational project at the European level, which we will be privileged to lead.

Expressing gratitude
None of our achievements would have been possible without your continued support. Whether you are a long-standing patron, a dedicated researcher, an enthusiastic student or a generous donor, your contributions have played a vital role in furthering our mission.

Season’s greetings and best wishes for 2024!
As we take a moment to celebrate the holidays and reflect on the accomplishments of the past year, the PLN Project Foundation extends warm season’s greetings to you and your loved ones. May the spirit of joy, warmth and togetherness fill your homes this festive season.
We look forward to an exciting and fulfilling year of shared discoveries, collaborations and the continued celebration of Pier Luigi Nervi’s extraordinary legacy.

With gratitude,

Marco Nervi
President of The PLN Project Foundation