The Laboratorio Nervi inaugurated on the POLIMI Lecco Campus

The Laboratorio Nervi on the Lecco campus of the Politecnico di Milano was inaugurated on April 7, 2022. Born from the collaboration between the Fondation PLN Project and the Politecnico di Milano – Lecco Territorial Pole, realized thanks to the contribution of Regione Lombardia, the Laboratorio Nervi was conceived to be a multifunctional space that will allow students and researchers to study and experiment drawing inspiration from Pier Luigi Nervi’s cultural legacy. It is a place of study but also a place of culture open to the public, that hosts the permanent exhibition “Pier Luigi Nervi Architecture as Challenge” and will also be the setting for a series of temporary exhibitions dedicated to Nervi’s works. Starting today, the exhibition “La fabbrica sospesa – il restauro della cartiera di Pier Luigi Nervi a Mantova” (The Suspended Factory – the restoration of Pier Luigi Nervi’s paper mill in Mantua), dedicated to the restoration of the Burgo Paper Mill in Mantua, is on display.

The fruitful collaboration with Italian and international universities has also made it possible to create a solid strand of activity on the issues of conservation, restoration and recovery of works of modern architecture. It is precisely with this in mind that “REcube: REthink, REvive, REuse” a three-year Erasmus + program has already kicked off with the aim of transmitting and disseminating at the European and international level a new sustainable approach to the conservation and reuse of modern reinforced concrete architecture.
“The Laboratorio Nervi constitutes a new piece that further embellishes the campus settlement and confirms its vocation as a place open to the city,” – says Manuela Grecchi, Delegated Pro-Rector of the Lecco Territorial Pole – “Pier Luigi Nervi was an extraordinary personality for his art and intuition. New generations of students and professionals can draw great inspiration from the works he created. I would like to thank the Pier Luigi Nervi Project Foundation for the great work in selecting the material and for the installations, Regione Lombardia, which supported the project with an important contribution, and UTR Brianza-Lecco for the close collaboration that made possible what we are celebrating today.”